Saphir Medaille D'Or 1925
- Paris -

The Creation - 1920

Like every great story, there is a beginning and this story began in a laboratory in Faverges, Haute-Savoie. Here, the team, sourced a unique combination of the best ingredients to be found and created unique formulations. Working with the best leather craftspeople, they created products far ahead of the times. These new products met with resounding success due to their ability to enhance and preserve the finest leather skin.
The Gold Medal is
Awarded in 1925
These products were recognized as exceptional at the Paris World Fair in 1925. This accolade assured the reputation of the company and laid the foundations of an exceptional company that they have more than lived up to.

Quality, tradition and innovation.

Exceptional Raw Material

The company has refused to compromise and still only uses the best natural ingredients sourced from around the world.

No chemically created embedded resins, silicone or compounds.

Using up to 30 different natural waxes and oils and a plethora of natural ingredients ranging from jojoba seeds, shea nuts, avocado and apricot. They source only the best and ethically obtained ingredients from around the world and follow internationally recognized fair trade practices.

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